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Dead Vistula

Eastrings Records

Jazz / Kosmische / Cinematic / Ambient / Psych

Dead Vistula is a peculiar combination of jazz, cosmic musik, cinematic and psychedelia. The sounds of synthesizers rising above the stratosphere, melodic textures, hypnotic rhythms, ambient space and repetitive motifs refer to both the fascination with an extraterrestrial world and slow flow of the Martwa Wisła river.

The band consists of experienced improvising musicians – Szymon Burnos on synthesizer, Maciej Sadowski on double bass and Krzysztof Topolski on drums.

Debut Album “Penumbra” will be released on the June 2nd 2023.

First single “Penumbra” is coming out on 3/24/2023

The first single from Dead Vistula album entitled “Penumbra” is a dark, trip-hop/downtempo track with elements of jazz and kosmische music. The composition is based on delay processed sounds of synthesizer, hypnotic, steady drum beat and deep double-bass line. The title track from “Penumbra” album makes the perfect opening theme to Dead Vistula’s world.